Flyfishing in Montana

Missouri River in Montana

Late June 2013 flyfishing on the mighty Missouri River in Montana with John Idstrom’s Meez en Place.  Don caught this beauty on a fly and released it after the photo op!

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John’s Spicy Tomato Sauce

John’s Spicy Tomato Sauce (adapted from Giadia DeLaurentis, I cannot tell a lie) One stalk celery, finely diced One carrot, finely diced Half a large onion finely diced (duh) Several cloves of garlic, chopped Red pepper flakes to taste 1 tsp fennel seeds chopped 3 tbs tomato paste White wine, generous splash Large can San Marzano…

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Robert Rein’s Alaskan Halibut Recipe

Robert and I have been together for some really successful and interesting outings.  We usually end up trying to out-manuever each other when it comes to keeping the fish to take home. He out did me the last time and got all of the halibut but was kind enough to share this recipe with me……..

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