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Let’s take your recent harvest or catch to the kitchen.

Grilled Salmon with Soy Sauce Brown Sugar Baste

Watch this great salmon and lake trout grilling how-to video. Its an easy recipe and absolutely delightful! ...
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pheasant bacon

Grilled Pheasant Breast

Grilled pheasant breast with a peach slice wrapped in bacon basted with jalapeno garlic peach preserve sauce. Ingredients Pheasant thighs ...
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Trout Meureire

1-2 pan-sized fresh trout (preferably with head-on) Flour, seasoned with salt and pepper Olive oil 2 Tbs Butter Juice from ...
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John’s Spicy Tomato Sauce

John’s Spicy Tomato Sauce (adapted from Giadia DeLaurentis, I cannot tell a lie) One stalk celery, finely diced One carrot, ...
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Robert Rein’s Alaskan Halibut Recipe

Robert and I have been together for some really successful and interesting outings. We usually end up trying to out-manuever ...
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